How do I stay focused?

A few years ago when I was about to do some study, our group was spoken to by a senior Govt official. He talked about how he did his Masters while working full time. He put it down to doing one hour a day, every day! When I started my course of study I decided to adopt his philosophy. I was in NO WAY perfect in achieving this however I think that I achieved it MOST of the time. That was with the help of my partner prompting me to remember my commitment. I completed my Grad Cert in Management and achieved some pleasing results. I also set goals at the beginning, such as: complete each unit on time; try to enjoy the learning and appreciate how it could improve my work satisfaction; and achieve a pass in each unit. The rest is history!

Another thing that has helped me is to recognise the difference between feelings and decisions. Once I make a decision I try to live that decision out in my life. I don’t stop to ponder how I feel about it or whether it was a right decision. Obviously I put a lot of thought into what decisions I make. I guess I can be a bit ‘black and white’ about these things. For example, I either smoke on not smoke! I can’t stand the indecision of being in the confused state of being pulled in both directions (I gave up smoking ten years ago).

I hold a lot of value on MY WORD. If I say I will do something then I try my very best to do it. I CAN and DO forgive myself if I fail however, again, I think carefully before saying that I WILL do something.

Maybe I am just stubborn?

All for now… Lorraine

Post a Day 2011


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