a recent Aha!” moment. What sparked it?

Well…I will have to think about today’s topic! Yes, now I remember! I realised that most of my life I have tried too hard to achieve approval from others and – I don’t have to!!! This was sparked by a personal event that I don’t want to disclose at this time.

I still forget though. Habits get reinforced in my brain and I do things on remote control. Looking back on my experience in the workplace I now realise that there was no need to have the “caring radar” at 100%. I don’t want to suggest that I didn’t care however I think I cared a bit too much – made it personal.

Now I know I mostly have to please myself first. This doesn’t mean selfishly but a realisation that I am responsible for my self care and the decisions I make each day, plus my plans for my future. 

It is good that I can now see my place in the world a little differently and more positively.

While writing just now I had a beautiful blue wren land on the fence outside my window. It did a little dance in the sunshine and then flew away again! How delightful – it made my day 🙂

All for now…Lorraine

Post a Day 2011


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