Snowed in? I don’t think so!

Today’s topic is a challenging one for me in 2011 however I remember a time in 1978 when I was living in a tiny place called Cockatoo in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria.

It was a really cold and wet winter. I hadn’t lived in Cockatoo for very long and had been used to a slightly warmer climate. We moved to Cockatoo because my husband at the time, Bob, had just won the job of looking after the railway track for the tourist steam train, “Puffing Billy” which was based in Belgrave, an outer suburb of Melbourne. The Dandenong Ranges were mostly rain forest and very beautiful, green and hilly. Our weatherboard house at Cockatoo was at the top of a fairly steep hill. My son, Rob, was about two years old and the weather kept us both inside for most of the time. I filled the time in by doing lots of baking (and eating!) and spending time playing with Rob.

One particular night it was colder than I had ever experienced. As luck would have it, our oil heater ran out of oil that night! We rugged up with blankets as best we could.

In the morning I gingerly ventured to the cold lounge room and looked out of the window. It was snowing! Our car was covered in snow. The ground was white and I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I was seeing.

That day was my first ever (and only) experience of being snowed in. Today it is about 33 degrees centigrade outside and I am happy to be inside doing my daily blog 🙂

All for today… LorrainePost a Day 2011


2 thoughts on “Snowed in? I don’t think so!

  1. Hi I am from Cockatoo and am investigating snow events in the area…thank you for posting your story….do you still live in the area?

    Julie Skipsey

    • Hi Julie
      I don’t live in Cockatoo now. I am living in Western Australia. You live in a beautiful part of the world. I hope to go back to visit again some day 🙂

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