I would like to be remembered for …

I would like to be remembered as a strong person who was able to overcome adversity. I hope my children will have fond memories of time we spent together during their childhood and again as adults. I have always tried to be an authentic parent/person and to have compassion and empathy for others. I hope that those who I may have hurt in this life time will have the compassion and understanding to forgive my mistakes and any pain I caused, knowingly or unknowingly.

Honesty has always been important to me too – sometimes to my own detriment! In my early years I lacked self-discipline and didn’t respect myself because of that. Later I learnt to have more control over my passions and I believe it helped me build a better life for me and my lads.

Maybe people will remember that I did (DO) enjoy a good laugh and can usually see the funny side of things 99% of the time. I doubt I will be remembered for my cooking or housekeeping!

Hopefully I made a bit of a difference in the workplace and in the communities I lived in.

Hold on to those memories for a few years yet though ‘cos I am not finished yet!


Post a Day 2011


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