What’s the most important thing I’m putting off? And why haven’t I done it yet? What do I need to make it happen?

Today, the most important thing that I am putting off is making a decision as to whether to go to London and Europe with my school friend of many years for a couple of weeks in May 2011.

Why haven’t I done it yet? Well, I feel like I am investigating all the different angles before making a decision so that, once made, I can be comfortable with the outcome. The truth is that what appeals to me most about the idea is spending some good quality ‘girl’ time with Trish! That would be the most valuable part of it for me.

We have both lost parents in recent years and now have grown up children and small grandchildren. Trish and I still know each other the same as when we were at primary school, high school, first babies etc. We are still “15” when we get together. It is so valuable to have such a good friend who has known me all that time and is still happy to spend time with me 🙂

What do I need to do? Should I give it some more thought just to see if there are any other angles to consider? Or other angels to consider? Perhaps I’ll ask Trish to read this blog…

Yep…that is what I will do!


Post a Day 2011


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