I am not inspired by today’s topic, so…

The suggested topics for today have been covered already so I thought I would write about retirement! I have said on many occasions that the word is redundant. People thought I was trying to be funny ie as in retired, unemployed, redundant etc. I am not talking about the person. I am talking about the meaning of the WORD ‘retirement’.

It may still be true for some people that they work to 65 or thereabouts and then decide to retire. They then sit back and devote themselves to their hobbies while collecting the Aged Pension. I think this is the exception rather than the rule these days.

Sometimes people are just sick of their day job or have never liked it in the first place. Once they can afford to, they are waving goodbye to their work-mates with a big smile on their faces (I may be talking about myself again here). However they are still young, healthy, intelligent and have a lot to offer. What often happens is that they jump right back onto the treadmill because that is what they know and fear change and economic insecurity.

I look at this time as an opportunity to find out what I really love doing, to seek after that which supports my health – physically, mentally and spiritually. The idea of being on that treadmill of working full-time in a stressful role that doesn’t sit with my values, just to get paid a salary that I don’t get time to enjoy – it seems very silly to me!