overcoming physical limitations and adversities

It is so easy to blame my environment or use it as an excuse. I remember a male friend being quite adamant that hormonal changes in teenage girls didn’t give them permission to be abusive to others.

Currently I am not sleeping as well as I would like to be and so I think everything else in my life should stop still until I can get a good night’s sleep. In fact, today, I suspended most of my normal activities and read the weekend newspapers from cover to cover. It was good to give myself a break. I realise though, that once we name something as a problem, it can take on a life of its own – like a snowball rolling down the snow slopes (mmm not sure about that one :-).

So tomorrow, even if I am a bit sleep deprived, I will make a commitment to get up and do all the normal things I would do if I had just woken from a 100 year sleep! It is about being mentally tough and not becoming a victim to the environment that I am in (even if that is my own physiology).

We will see…



One thought on “overcoming physical limitations and adversities

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