Do I want to live forever?

I am not likely to ever get that opportunity so it does seem like a pointless topic. But, then again, a bit of philosophy never goes astray!

I know what it is to be alive but I don’t know what it is like to be dead. That might seem obvious enough but we take on all sorts of notions about death. For example, that there will be peace at last! How do we know that? We don’t!

We also fear death and I guess this is understandable in that we fear what we don’t know and understand. My difficulty or challenge in dealing with death is the perspective that it gives to our lives. Sometimes that can be a good thing and provide us with some objectivity. On the other hand, have you really looked at yourself in the mirror and come to terms with the mortality staring back at you?

What I find more disturbing as I get older is how similar we are to other species. This includes our DNA and body parts that look and function in similar ways (sorry about the lack of scientific integrity here). How can we really be that much more special or powerful than the average road kill on a bush road?

I DO want to live, day after day. Sometimes I want a rest from the stresses of life but just a temporary reprieve till I restore my energy.

Until tomorrow (God willing!)


Post a Day 2011


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