I would be lost without my access to emails and the internet even though my usage of them is quite minimal. I know when I go away from home now I like to know that I can access the web wherever I go. I bought a laptop to enable me to keep in touch when I am away from home.

Considering my minimal usage, I wonder why it has become so important to me? I know I like to get on facebook and see that various members of the family and extended family are going along ok. I feel closer to my nieces and nephews now than ever before. I don’t need to be in their faces but it helps me feel a part of this extended family. Having lived in WA since 1982 (nearly 29 years) it is great to have family contact via facebook. I love to see the photos too.

I have a strong desire to keep up with technology (to some degree) so that I am not left behind in the years ahead. I don’t have to own it or use it but at least know what [the technology’s] capacities it has and what it is called!

I also think that advancing technology is so exciting. A while back I was writing a story about when I was first living in Melbourne and working in Clark Rubber. I was able to do two google searches and come up with a photo of the building where I worked and a photo of the house I lived in! To me, that was pretty incredible!

I wonder what will be next…

LorrainePost a Day 2011



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