Crocodile for lunch!

Today’s topic suggestion is that I write about my hero! I struggle with that one. I used to think Mother Theresa or maybe Fred Hollows – I admired each of them greatly for different reasons.

However, how can I write about heroes when I had crocodile and salad for lunch?

I went to The Deck Resturaunt in Port Geographe with a group of very interesting ladies from the Village where I live. Ages ranged from fifties to eighties. I enjoyed their company and the of course, the food!

The waitress convinced me to have crocodile. I was going to have salt and pepper calamari, which is one of my favourities. She said that crocodile was a bit like calamari and that the salad that came with it was pretty special, so she won me over.

I wasn’t disappointed either. The texture of the crocodile was a cross between calamari and chicken texture. I had no trouble eating it as it was cooked nicely. I think it is the only thing (apart from shark) that I have eaten that has us humans on THEIR menu. All for $18AU – good value.

bon apetit




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