My worst teacher ever was…

It would have to be Mr Boyce. It would have been around 1970 and he was my geography teacher. He would come to the class and start at one end of the black board and write until the whole board was full of not very legible writing. He would expect us to sit quietly and copy his work from the board into our work books! It was so incredibly boring!

One day our class got really fed up with him and decided en masse that we would go on strike. I remember us seated on the ground not far from the class room and we joined together in singing “We shall not be moved”.

He got really angry and when he got angry he used to go a beetroot shade of red. He had awful blond hair if I remember correctly. I don’t remember suffering any consequences for our actions. Having him as our teacher was punishment enough!

I blame him today for my lack of knowledge on geography. It is not fair I guess because I could have learnt something about the world since then, if I really wanted to! A couple of years ago I asked my partner for a globle of the world so that I could at least get a better perspective of where the other countries are.

Being in Australia we are so isolated from Europe, at least we were before the internet anyway. When I flew to London in 2008 I was fascinated to know what countries I was flying above. At times I would have preferred not to know! Not all of them like us very much!

Anyway – it is not too late to learn geography! I wonder what Mr Boyce is doing now and if he is still alive. He was quite strange really!





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