I didn’t believe it until I experienced it!

I can’t blame you for thinking that this may be about the supernatural but you may be disappointed if that is the case. This story is not about demons or dark and ghostly experiences. It is a little more mundane than that but it does start with a D!

In my younger years I always protested against anything that required some degree of discipline! After all, I am a child of the 70’s and all that! Tell me to do something and I would immediately think of a way of NOT doing it, even if it was going to be to my benefit. I didn’t really believe that doing something painful (as I believed all discipline to be painful) could actually produce some positive results.

My first memorable experience of discipline in my youth was at a time when I was hard up for cash and decided to force myself to save some money each week and not touch it! After a short while I was won over and decided to apply the compulsory savings to other areas of my life as well. I am so pleased that I did.

Another great experience was when I was studying a Management degree. I decided to try to do one hour’s study each night. I had heard of someone achieving their Masters doing this [one hour a night] while working full-time. Most times I was able to get some work done each night. I was able to get my assignments in on time and  I received good results. I didn’t think I would have the staying power and it felt so good when I achieved what I set out to achieve. I think that is called gratification – feeling good when you know you have earned it!

Now I find that with most things, the hardest part is getting started. Once started I can make that ongoing commitment to see things through to completion and it feels great!

So there you go…a disciplined hippy!




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