My dream vacation…

My idea of a dream holiday is to do and see something different than I have seen before. I don’t want to be at my destination and still believe I could be in another city in Australia or western city of a similar nature. I haven’t travelled very much however I have a real horror of big shopping complexes with mass consumerism!

One memorable holiday (my first trip overseas) was to Ubud in Bali. The accommodation was high quality but it was very simple and made out of local products. I could sit on my balcony overlooking the rice fields. It was very peaceful! 

I spent a lot of the time there just relaxing, reading and writing in my journal! The accommodation was in the middle of the village where the locals lived and I was able to glimpse the day to day life of the Balinese.

It was interesting to be in a country where the economy doesn’t revolve around Monday to Friday trading and church on Sundays! It was so fascinating to be exposed to a different belief system that seemed to encompass so much of what people did everyday, such as the ‘offerings’ put out each morning in all sorts of places.

I like the challenge of being in a different culture as it makes me question why I do the things I do without reflection. I also wonder if my mannerisms and culture may be offensive to the locals without me knowing it!

My upcoming dream holiday in three weeks is to Wodonga, Beechworth and Cohuna to visit my family and a good friend!

Sometimes familiarity is welcome 🙂




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