Super intelligent or super good looking…

Now here’s a PLAN!

Given the opportunity, I would like to have super intelligence for the first fifty years of my life. That would enable me to:

  • make wise choices in health, relationships, travel, experiences
  • get a really good education
  • find the most intelligent way to make lots of money (by doing something good and worthy of course!
  • work out the things I can make a difference in and leave the rest
  • pass on my knowledge and skills to my children so that they get the best opportunities in their lives
  • be intelligent enough to know what is truly valuable and what is a waste of time and energy.

Then, when I am fifty and have all that behind me, I would like to become super gorgeous! I would be able to make use of all that I had achieved by being very intelligent and simply sail through to old age looking stunningly, eye-catching and someone to behold! I would like to stay like that (such as Raquel Welsh)  until I am one hundred.

There would be no more need to watch out for new wrinkles, the impact of gravity, flabby arms and grey hair!

Bring it on!

Lorraine 🙂



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