Letter to Lorraine 14 February 2001

Hi Lorraine

I have the opportunity today on 14 February 2011 to give you some insight into the decade you are about to enter. It is not all good news but you can handle it, I am sure you will be strong enough.

There will be much loss for you to face and some of it will be easier than others.  Sadly, there will be five members of your family pass away – two of them will be a big shock to the family. You will also lose one close friend to lung cancer. You will get through it all ok and start to see life and death from a new perspective. It will give you a greater appreciation for the here and now plus a reminder to be attentive to those you love.

Your career will go very well for you. There will be new opportunities in other departments at higher levels of responsibility. You will thrive in that environment, using your existing skills and learning new ones!

You will also do that tertiary qualification you thought you would never get! You will need to be persistent and work hard and you will get good results. This will help reassure you that you do have some intelligence there after all!

Your sons’ transition through a lot of changes over this time. They get through ok and are looking pretty good in 2011! They have grown into lovely young men you can be proud of! One of them gets married in 2006 and it is a really wonderful day!

You will begin a new relationship at the end of 2003 and it will be the best thing that ever happened to you! You will have the opportunity to enjoy life more, travel a little, make new friends and have a positive outlook on the future.

You will manage to buy and sell successfully in the real estate market during this time – well done!

You will know what it is like as the mother of a son serving in the Army overseas in East Timor. It is a bit worrying but it all goes ok and he gets home safely once again. You find yourself sending him packages of lollies on a regular basis!

You will experience becoming a grandmother in 2008 and again in 2010. You will love it and your two beautiful grandsons!

In 2011 you will be semi-retired and living in a high quality life-style village in Busselton, walking distance to the beach. You are well and happy and enjoying life.

I may have missed some important details but there needs to be some surprises in life 🙂

Love Lorraine in 2011



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