Car accident near Mt Magnet

I had a car accident in the early 1990’s during when I was living in Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The car was an older model Holden station wagon with automatic transmission. It was a good size car for the  five of us.  The car was serviced for the trip at the local service station the day before our planned holiday.

I had the strangest experience on the morning while getting ready to leave. I remember looking into the bathroom and thinking that it would be the last time I ever saw it! It was just an ordinary bathroom – nothing special about it! There would be no great loss if I didn’t set eyes on it again!

The trip started out uneventfully. Allen was doing the driving and I was in the front passenger seat. The three lads were in the rear seat. We drove through Meekatharra and on to Cue. We stopped at Cue for a break and had a look at the historic buildings there.

I took over driving from Cue and headed toward Mt Magnet – a distance of about 80kms. The road was narrow – just a single lane. There was not a lot of traffic but it was a bit scary sharing the single lane with other vehicles. There was also loose gravel on the road. Allen checked that the lads had their seat belts on – one wasn’t.  He was told to do it up straight away.

As I was driving along I was thinking (as I always do) and wondering about whether things just happen randomly in our lives or whether our thinking influences the outcomes we experience.

The car (automatic!) jumped out of gear as I was travelling at around 100 km an hour. At the same time, I lost control of the steering. It felt like I was skidding because of the loose gravel on the road. This all happened in a mini second. I realised that I was not going to correct the steering in time and keep the car on the road. We were heading left, off the road, at speed.

My thought was “God help us!” The car became airborne due to the road embankment  sloping down about 1.5-2 metres. The car spun around to face the other direction and landed on its wheels on the ground with a loud thud. 

“Was everyone ok?” That was all I wanted to know. Fortunately no-one even received a scratch! The car didn’t come off  as well however and needed some urgent work on the radiator.

It was decided that I would hitch a ride into Mt Magnet and see if I could arrange for someone to tow the vehicle into town. I think we decided it would be safer for me to hitch hike than to stay with the damaged vehicle.

We DID eventually make it to Geraldton that day. We had to, as we needed to collect Allen’s daughter who was arriving on a flight from Perth that evening.

That was an awfully long day – but I did get back to Newman and the bathroom was still there!

So, was it a random event or was it caused (or contributed to) by my thoughts? I will never know.




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