The perfect crime – nah – the perfect food!

WordPress topics this week are not ideal for me. To tell you about the perfect crime would need me to use my imagination. The tell you about the perfect food is no effort at all!

For an entrée you can’t beat a nice plate of beautifully cooked scallops. The main course, depending on the mood of the day or the weather, maybe sea food or it could be a good fillet steak with black pepper sauce. Sea food dishes in the South West are a very safe bet. I have never been disappointed. The fish is always lovely and fresh and cooked perfectly. Sea food may be fish, prawns, scallops (again), marron, crab, calamari.

Flutes Restaurant at Brookland Valley Winery (see link below) 

blv photogallerylink 

traditionally have a ‘Flutes Trio’ on the menu which consists of barramundi, crab and prawns (I think). The first time I had this it was on a bed of goats cheese with macadamia nuts – beautiful! They have changed the menu slightly but it is still good.

I am very unsophisticated when it comes to the desert menu. I don’t think you can beat a banana split with chocolate sauce and nuts or an ice-cream sundae with the same ingredients.

Following on from dessert I enjoy a long black coffee and then I drive all the inebriated fellow guests home!

Maybe there is a job as a restaurant critic out there for me somewhere!





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