In Numbulwar eating a cashew apple

If I could be anywhere right now, eating whatever I felt like, I would choose a nice, cool, shady spot in Numbulwar and enjoy munching on a cashew apple! I haven’t had one for  a few years. I found a photo of Numbulwar as it can be seen when flying into the community. Here it is:

You can’t see much but that is probably due to the high humidity there. It is on a similar level to Cairns and is in the Gulf of Carpentaria. When I was there the community consisted of a store, medical centre and a church. There were around 500 local Indigenous people who lived there and about 15 or so non-indigenous people.

My son, Rob, started school there. He was one of two white children in his class. The Indigenous teacher spoke some English but delivered all her classes in the traditional language. The locals were fascinated with Rob’s white skin and blonde hair and they wanted to touch him all the time – on the arms and on the head!

Now, cashew apples – I will see if I can find a photo of one of them –

If you haven’t seen a cashew apple before this is a good example of one. They are best eaten cold and has a really unusual texture. The cashew can be quite toxic though and must be cooked before eaten.

All for today





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