Random acts of kindness

It is a bit difficult to write a story about a RANDOM act of kindness (RAOK) in that it makes it seem much more calculated, planned and self-serving. I can’t write a story about a PLANNED random act of kindness because it wouldn’t be random then, would it?

So, what are some of my RAOK’s in the past? I don’t have a really proud record there. I did offer to put someone’s shopping trolley away for them recently. Does that count?

There is a heat wave on here at present and Busselton is out of fans. I offered Tom the use of the fan in my office. Does that come close?

On a more selfish note, I could imagine some delightful RAOK’s that people could do for me. Right now, if someone was to arrive with a beautifully chilled seafood salad for my lunch plus some chilled mineral water, I would think that was wonderful.

Even if someone was thinking of me and rang me up to say just that – I would enjoy that too.  A surprise afternoon tea at a nice venue would go down very well too.

A cool change and a refreshing shower of rain could be a nice act of kindness from God if he/she would like to brighten my day!

Cheers for now – I must go and think of some RAOK I can do for others 🙂



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