Two months blogging…

Well here we are in March and I have managed to post 49 posts in January and February. I didn’t quite make the “PostaDay” Challenge but I feel ok that I have put in a reasonable effort.

I have really enjoyed it so far – most of the time. Sometimes I am not at all inspired and quite pleased that not many people read my posts. Other times I quite enjoy the process and wish I could share it with more people.

It has taken me a while to get comfortable with the technology but that is one of the main things that appealed to me – learning new stuff and applying it in a practical way. I am so pleased that I have finally worked out tags and categories. I can see how they can possibly make the writing more interactive.

I think people get a bit confused about subscribing to the blog – a fear of being bombarded with emails and products for sale. I don’t see that as a likelihood.

The other thing I like about it is that I am starting to see where my strengths and weaknesses are in writing and the subjects that I can cover comfortably. It is great to express what I think and feel and know that it is potentially “out there”.

Blogging gives me a sense of authenticity which is important to me. It reinforces authenticity in the balance of my life. I am saying in my blog “this is who I am” and so it gives me more courage to say that in other areas of my life too.

So, here’s to many more blogs




2 thoughts on “Two months blogging…

  1. Congrats! I’ve been blogging almost 5 years and still find it difficult to post regularly when things get manic in “real” life. Glad you’re enjoying the process.

  2. Keep it up… It’s not easy at any stage… Even I suspect for those who have done it for many years. We are have off days and then we struggle until we find a topic or angle to run with… Caught your post on the postaday2011 list.

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