The green grass of home

I have just returned from a short visit to Cohuna in northern Victoria where I grew up. It is a small rural community with a town population of around 2,200 people and surrounding farming (mostly dairy) communities. I left Cohuna in  1972 or thereabouts as I was keen to get to Melbourne and all the excitement it had to offer.

I knew nearly everyone in Cohuna when I was growing up. It was a stable community with the only changes being in staff at the banks, the hospital and the schools. The hospital had difficulty getting enough staff and so many nurses came in from overseas. I met lots of them as Mum worked as a Nurses Aid at the hospital.

There were two primary schools (there still are) – one being the state public school and the other being the catholic convent where I attended until I completed Grade 6. There was only one secondary school and then it was called Cohuna High School (surprisingly :-))

We lived near the Murray Valley Highway and I used to watched the buses and other traffic pass and wish I was a passenger in one of them. There are many positive attributes to living in a small country town like Cohuna however as a teenager it didn’t thrill me at all.

In retrospect I think I found it (living in Cohuna) to be claustrophobic. I was a very shy and introverted person and hated being in the spotlight just by walking out of my front door! Stories of my activities always found their way back to my parents much too quickly for my liking

I have many memories of Cohuna –  some of them happy, some sad and some of them are just plain embarrassing, but I wouldn’t change a thing!



PS Stuart Appleby (well known Australian golfer) also grew up in Cohuna!


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