To be or not to be…

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I have lost count of the number of times I have studied Hamlet – at live performances, videos and reading the script. Those famous words of his “to be or not to be” are probably the most powerful words I have come across in literature.

To me the words convey our choices in life. We can choose to live (literally) or not to. We can choose to be actively engaged in our lives or we can just exist.

The other battle I experience is to BE rather than to DO! I have grown up in a world that values doing much more highly than being. It is so hard just to sit quietly and relax, enjoy the sunshine and nature surrounding me. I can do that for a little while and then I feel guilty that I should be doing something worthwhile.

Now that I am not working full-time I am endeavouring to go with the flow more and not schedule my day full of things I must do. I still do my lists however I am starting to see that some things just cannot be scheduled into my day. I need to allow them space to flow into my life.

For me to be creative and inspired I have to find a place within that will nurture that kind of environment. I think it might be what some people call relaxing. I guess my awareness of this is my first glimmer that I am heading in the right direction.

It would be wonderful if young people today were given the opportunity to value serenity to the same degree as we value frenetic activity. Life is more than making money and acquiring material possessions. We need the serenity and peace to appreciate other values and spend some time in the here and now – and just BE!

Cheers for now



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