Magazine exercise

Nova (View) – Issue 197 – “Everyone I have spoken to…has been blown away by the resilience and strength and grace under pressure that Queenslanders has shown in this ordeal [floods and Cyclone Yasi].

The above sentence was written in February 2011 in the wake of the devastating rains, floods and the following impact of Cyclone Yasi in Queensland. It was an incredible summer for Queensland, better known for its logo of “Beautiful one day – perfect the next”. It is not unusual for Queensland to get the seasonal rains and occasional cyclone but this year they came with much greater force and persistence than ever before.

The words used – resilience, strength and grace – is this what we can expect of the human condition when everything else has been washed away (literally)? No doubt there will be some people who will find it difficult to bounce back. When we are faced with an immediate crisis we can be grateful for surviving with our lives! Surely after a time we would start to miss some of what is lost.

Is it a matter of our attitude? Can we just decide to let go of the past and be forever grateful for what we have at the moment? I can do that a lot of the time however I still find myself having moments of sadness when reflecting on the past and what has gone and will never return. Then I remember that is the way it is meant to be!

The past has gone forever. The past is not a concrete thing. The past that I remember will be different to yours in just about every way possible – even if we shared the same times and experiences. From another perspective, my memories are mine alone and I can choose to recall them or leave them in the past.

cheers for now



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