Where are we heading?

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2011 is shaping up to be a big year for the prophets of doom! It is not surprising when I consider the natural disasters in the world; the troubles in the Middle East; and the nuclear disaster in Japan. These are just a few of the ongoing events in the world we live in.

I hear about these often, in fact I am writing in my blog right now to avoid hearing about more catastrophes in the News. Recently I didn’t hear the TV news for about a week and didn’t see the papers much in that time. It was a good experience!

Hearing about the catastrophes magnifies for me how little I can do to change these situations in the world. It is important I feel empathy and compassion for others however the ongoing negative reports can be a burden after a while.

I believe it doesn’t hurt to maintain a degree of objectivity and remember that like all stories told, they are told from a perspective of the story teller. I am not suggesting that journalists are biased however I know they are human and they will report to meet their designated market.

In the meantime, each day holds promise of new beginnings for me personally and for all of us throughout the world. Often things don’t work out to our scripts but often the outcome may be just what we needed at the time.

Some idle thoughts on some BIG issues…

bye for now



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