What motivates me to write?


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Today’s topic asks, “how do I find my muse”? There has to be something there for me to connect with emotionally to enable me to express what I feel and believe. It is almost like someone turns the light on!

In most projects I do, not just writing, I get a picture in my mind of the finished product. If the end “picture” excites me then I am keen to get into the process to reach the conclusion. 

This is true for me in the garden as well. The other day I was thinking about getting some climbing plants for two white pots I have. I could imagine the plants growing and covering the bare fence and brightening up the area. I could see it before me. I couldn’t wait to get to Bunnings and buy some potting mix and two perfumed jasmine plants. They are now in place as I envisaged and it gives me a buzz to see them. The fence isn’t quite covered yet though!

When I gain insight into something new I can’t wait to share it with others. I want to write my story in an engaging way in the hope that others may also see things in a new light.

Something else that motivates me  in my writing or a project, is to begin with something that I know and be ready to take the plunge into the unknown. It is comforting to start with what is familiar and to tip toe into unfamiliar ground. Next time I may tip toe further with greater confidence.

It is important for me to have the end in mind BUT to be open to other directions that may emerge or evolve. If Einstein and Newton were always fixed in their thinking, science would be a lot poorer today. It is true that a lot of medical breakthroughs have come as an “aside” to the actual experiments carried out.

My last point, and probably most practical, is to put one foot in front of the other and just get started! I liken it to turning on the ignition in a vehicle – once it is going, it is much easier to drive 🙂

cheers for now



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