Taking risks

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The blog topic today asks about the biggest risk I have ever taken. I look back over a life so far, and I have taken a great many risks, however they didn’t feel risky at the time. Well, maybe that is not true – I knew they were risky but did them anyway!

My first big adventure was at 17 years old, leaving a small country town in Victoria and moving to Melbourne to live. I had no accommodation lined up and no employment. This was also before unemployment benefits came into effect. Perhaps it was a bigger risk for my parents than for me! The risk was that I might come home again 🙂

My next adventure was when I was 26 years old. I was married with two small children and my husband took a job in a remote Aboriginal Community in the Northern Territory (Numbulwar). This was in 1980. We sold up (or gave away) most of what we owned and hopped on a plane to the unknown.

The above twelve month experience made it difficult to settle back to living in Melbourne after being in such a culturally different environment. At the end of 1982 my husband was successful in getting a job in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Once again we disposed of most of our possessions and took off to WA with our two small boys. We were in the Kimberley until  1985 with my third son being born in Derby in 1983.

In 1988 it was time for a mining town experience – we were off to Newman in the Pilbara region. That was a great experience and led to lots of opportunities for personal and career development. I became a Councillor with the East Pilbara Shire and even ran as a candidate for State Government in 1993.

My political interest did not turn into employment so I decided to abandon being a political activist (a fairly mild one at that :-)) and settle down to a quiet life in the public sector. You can read about that on my All About Words WA page of my blog if you would like to know more.

In the above situations I actively chose to consider my activities to be adventures and not risks. I would still weigh up the risks but DO IT ANYWAY!

I wonder what will be next…

For now



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