If only thinking could make me fitter!

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Now if thinking was associated with using up lots of calories I would no doubt be so slim that a summer breeze would knock me over! If only!

I can’t remember a lot of detail about my childhood and that used to concern me a little until I realized I was too busy with my thoughts and imagination to take notice of what was happening right in front of me. It is still a tendency today.

My mind can get occupied with things big and small. For example, I am always looking for innovative ideas or inventions. I came up with one the other day (I haven’t patented it by the way). I insist on still getting my groceries packed in plastic bags. I reuse them as much as I can before finally using them as a rubbish bag. I have accumulated quite a few. I thought they may be useful for filling sandbags, like they use to hold back floods. What do you think? I haven’t tested it to see if it would work.

Another habit of mine is to read car licence plates and try to make some sense or a joke of the combination of letters. Sometimes there are some good ones. A member of my family has the letters COW in his number plate! It amuses me anyway 🙂

I guess most bloggers are thinkers and most of us wonder what the world is all about. Some feel more confident of their conclusions than others. I wonder if there is a spiritual dimension to life and, if there is, what are the implications for my life. I also wonder about the implications if there is NO spiritual realm.

Ethnicity and religion are other matters to ponder – the differences in our perspectives, depending on where and when we were born and what exposure we have to education and knowledge. I also wonder how we can ever reconcile political differences where the underlying cultures and religions appear so incompatible.

So, if I were to gain Weight Watchers Points or build firmer muscles for the above thoughts I would be happy indeed.

However I think I will still visit the gym this afternoon and give the thoughts a rest!




One thought on “If only thinking could make me fitter!

  1. I must admit that the idea of using the plastic bags as sand bags is deeply flawed and a bit “lightweight”!

    They would not be heavy enough to hold back flood waters of any magnitude. However I am sure there are uses for them that we haven’t thought of yet! Any suggestions?

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