If I could master any skill instantly…

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I would like to be able to have the skills to help others  to help themselves.

It could be in the case of giving career guidance, solving a problem or making a decision. This would mean I would need to have the gift of discerning other people’s skills, aptitudes, interests and abilities and then coaching them to take the steps needed to achieve their goals.

I mention career counselling because that is a model most of us understand. It could be any sort of dream where we know we have XYZ skills but we are not sure if a particular direction would be to our liking or not, or the right decision for us.

If I could help people, after an initial meeting, to make a choice leading to lasting happiness and fulfilment, how good would that be?

I would need to aid peoples’ self confidence and self-image (their belief in themselves) and increase their courage to take further steps in the direction of their dreams.

I could be the catalyst that makes it happen (turns the switch on) for others. They would do the hard work to reach their goals but I would help them on their way.

I like that idea… 




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