Month: April 2011

Go with the flow…

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Motivation / Philosophy / Writing

Recently I was reading a book about living in the present and being mindful of my environment. I have always found this so difficult to do. Some times I master it for a little while and then I slip back into old habits. Then I was thinking about my need to be ever vigilant to my environment; always trying to pre-guess what will happen next and the need to be ready to respond in a way […]

Plans for today?

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Wisdom too late / You must be kidding?

Well, I was up bright and early this morning as I had a hair appointment at 9.00am and following that, I was to do my once weekly, voluntary job at the Citizens Advice Bureau from 10.ooam to 2.00pm. I headed off from home and said I would be back at about 2.30pm. All was well! It was good to see my hairdresser and outline what I wanted her to do with my hair (changing styles at present). She knew I had […]

The good life…

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Friends and family / Meaning of life and that stuff / Motivation / Philosophy / Wisdom

Here is one I prepared earlier. I am stuck for a topic to write about today as I wasn’t at all inclined to write about Donald Trump and his suitability as a presidential candidate. That is a very scary thought that I don’t want to contemplate. I came across these comments of mine about “the good life” and decided to share them today. What makes up a good life? Does this mean having a good life or leading […]


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I believe that... / Journal Blog / Meaning of life and that stuff

What is it like to be homeless? Can I have any inkling of how it feels? How do I think it would feel? Well for starters I think feeling vulnerable would be near the top of the list!  I have seen people sleeping rough on the streets. How could anyone sleep in a public place and not feel vulnerable? They are vulnerable to robbery, violence, rejection, abuse, humiliation and all the natural elements such as […]

My Mum

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Friends and family / Meaning of life and that stuff / Wisdom

It is five years ago today that my Mum passed away. She was  83. After Dad passed away in 2004, Mum didn’t have much desire to keep on living. She had dementia but still retained her wit and much of her lively personality. It was a difficult time when they both became unwell and unable to live at home. I lived some distance from where they were, so most of my contact was by phone […]

Hunting in the Kimberley

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Geography / Journal Blog / Religion

Many years ago my husband and I went to live in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Fitzroy Crossing has a large Aboriginal population. I had two young sons and pregnant with my third son. I was unsure how to involve myself in the community and, as I had a strong Christian faith at the time, I prayed for God’s guidance. After some time in reflection I saw that my greatest strength […]

Lost in London

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In 2008 I finally visited London. It seems to be a rite of passage for most Australians (mine was a bit later than most!). Today, most don’t think of the UK as the “motherland” but for me it was bit like visiting my grandparents! We arrived at Heathrow at 6am on a Sunday morning. After checking in at our accommodation (a nice spot near Hyde Park) we looked for some breakfast. It was a strange […]

Desperately seeking…

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Motivation / Small business / Writing

What more can I do? In my quest to become self-employed I have used a range of strategies. The following are examples of what I have done: designed some business cards describing the writing services I offer and distributed them on notice boards and to friends and contacts emailed a range of community organisations offering my writing services emailed the editors of my local newspapers and offered to write for them on a part-time or […]

Recurring dreams

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Journal Blog

I often dream that I am hosting an event where lots of people are coming and they expect to be fed. I only remember at the last-minute that I have committed to holding this event. People start arriving and I am not ready. I don’t have the table set and I don’t have enough food. I frantically try to find some food that I can stretch out to feed the invited guests. The event is […]