In the lift with George W Bush

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Who would I least (in the world) like to be stuck in a lift with? That is easy – George W Bush is my response! My reasons are many…

  • I dislike him intensely. I was so angry with his handling of the war in Iraq and the seemingly shallowness of the man. I know we can’t always believe what the media portrays however  I don’t think I would be alone in my views here.
  • His ignorance and arrogance – he came across as though he was playing a game. As I am a mother of a soldier, that doesn’t go down well at all with me. To see so many of the service men and women being returned in caskets was so tragic – and continues to be so in Afghanistan.
  • He WAS President of the USA – and I am not used to hanging out in lifts with the likes of such people. The power of the man would be very scary. What would  we have in common?
  • I wouldn’t trust him. He was caught out as not being trustworthy.
  • He’s not sure whether Australia is Australia or Austria – in Europe or Asia.
  • If I did speak to him, would I call him George?

Enough for now 🙂



One thought on “In the lift with George W Bush

  1. Speaking truth to power only works if you are willing to sacrifice yourself in the process. Although I did protest Bush’s policies, at the thought of being near to the man now only causes nausea (at the Grand Rapids Michigan protest the closest I (we) got to him was 14 blocks– yellow tapped off streets with suits and uniforms at every street corner kept protesters totally out of reach of his speech). Basically, I spent the last four years of his presidency hiding in my house–ashamed to be an American.

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