Topics, topics, topics…

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I really want to write a blog today after a few days away from my computer. I don’t want to write about the designated topic today so what other options are there?  Here are a few of my ideas…

* Capitalism and the work ethic – why do many of us work hard to acquire ‘things’ we don’t have time to enjoy?

* Why do we need religion? Even if it can’t be scientifically proven, can it still offer a real and valuable contribution to society?

* Death – a friend’s father passed away today and I know it will raise all sorts of questions and emotions for her, as it did for me.

* Finding a good match between my skills, training and knowledge and something worthwhile I can do in society – isn’t that something we all seek in one way or another?

* Myers Briggs Personality Type – what it means to be an INFJ and how that has affected my life so far.

* What is it like to have a daughter? That is something I have often wondered.

* Is the world getting to be a really crazy place – more so than usual, or is it just me?

* Why do some people ask so many questions?

Maybe I will try answering one of them tomorrow.

Cheers 🙂



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