My favourite stress busters

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* Think “How important is it?” Look at in the context of what impact it will/may have on my life in five years time.

* Move – go for a walk, do a small job such as putting the rubbish out, stacking the dishes in the dishwasher etc.

* Consider if it (what is stressing me) is real, imaginary, definite or only just slightly possible. It helps put some perspective on the situation.

* Remember the “Serenity Prayer” and accept the things I cannot change but take small steps to change the things I can.

* Call up a friend for a chat. I don’t have to talk about my stress but if it is a good friend, it will probably come out in conversation anyway.

* Write it down. My preference is to write it down (physically with a pen  or pencil) and then destroy it afterwards. That frees me up to write whatever is on my mind without worrying about offending others or giving away my secrets.

* Go to the beach and watch the waves roll in and roll out – I find that very soothing.

*Mind maps work well for me too. I have a good-sized piece of paper and I randomly jot down everything I can think of that is impacting on my life at present – good and bad. Sometimes then it is easier to picture where I may be out of balance.

* Be kind and compassionate to myself. I need to “get off my own back” and stop the judgements about what I should do and what I should be. Realise that I am doing the best I can with what I have got.

* Be grateful. I find it so easy to take my comfortable life for granted. I am reminded of this while reading a book about World War I and the terrible tragedies of that time. I have NOTHING to complain about in comparison.

* Do something for someone else – a random act of kindness. This can be a tonic and restore the “feel good” hormones and again bring new perspective.

* Let to and go with the flow – this is my favourite when I manage to achieve it. I stop trying to control the outcome and accept that what will be, will be!

* Examine if my ego is the problem and if that is the case – commit to letting go of worrying about what people with think of me. I can never know what others are thinking anyway.

* Check to see if I am hungry, tired or thirsty. Be aware of my food and fluid intakes as they can impact on my mood and stress level.

*Keep a sense of humour and lay off from watching too much bad news on the TV.

*Schedule time to do fun things, such as a picnic or some singing.

* Finally for today, if all else fails, say nothing and do nothing and you will hopefully stay out of trouble 🙂




One thought on “My favourite stress busters

  1. Nice post Lorraine 🙂 I like the one about checking if I am tired, hungry, thirsty etc – so often that is true and dealing with it makes all the difference! I am working at dealing with stress better, lots of your tips resonate 🙂

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