Recurring dreams

Flag of Lorraine.

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I often dream that I am hosting an event where lots of people are coming and they expect to be fed. I only remember at the last-minute that I have committed to holding this event. People start arriving and I am not ready. I don’t have the table set and I don’t have enough food. I frantically try to find some food that I can stretch out to feed the invited guests. The event is a real disappointment. Afterwards I am left to clean up a massive mess and I am doing it all on my own!

Another dream I have is that I have to travel a great distance in the bush (hundreds of kilometres) and I need to get there before it is too dark as I don’t want to drive in the dark. As the trip progresses I come across floods and inaccessible roads. I then need to decide whether to try to go ahead to my destination or stay put. It feels like an impossible task to complete.

I dream about babies a lot too. Often I am responsible for looking after someone else’s baby but I get busy and forget that I am supposed to be the carer. When I remember, I panic and go looking for the child. Sometimes something tragic has happened to the child but other times I find it and it is ok and I am very relieved!

Another common one is that I wake up in the morning and get busy doing all sorts of mundane activities and forget that I am supposed to be at work. I then debate whether to ring in and say I am sick or to turn up late. If I do go to the office I find that someone else has taken my seat.

For years I used to dream about crossing a bridge, a very scary swinging bridge that was broken. There is usually a raging river underneath. Until this week, I had never successfully crossed the bridge to the other side, however I DID make it (quite bravely too, if I may say so 🙂 ) this week. I am sure that must be a good sign.

Cheers for now



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