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What more can I do? In my quest to become self-employed I have used a range of strategies. The following are examples of what I have done:

  • designed some business cards describing the writing services I offer and distributed them on notice boards and to friends and contacts
  • emailed a range of community organisations offering my writing services
  • emailed the editors of my local newspapers and offered to write for them on a part-time or regular basis
  • emailed all the local printers and offered to proof-read and offer copy for their customers
  • send a story off to a magazine – I got a nice reply but my story wasn’t suitable
  • put an ad in the local paper – no response
  • learnt how to advertise on Google – that was fun but no success in gaining business
  • contacted my local college to see if there were any opportunities
  • utilised my networks and passed on my resume to lots of people
  • joined Seek
  • joined LinkedIn
  • set up a page on my blog related to my business ideas
  • read several books: Facebook Marketing; Consulting, Contracting and Freelancing; Work from Home; Make a Real Living out of Freelance Writing; Magazine Article Writing; Style Manual; various books on grammar etc.
  • practised writing by doing my blog as often as I can
  • offered my skills to the local Member of Parliament’s Office
  • offered my skills to my local council
  • explored doing some more training

I acknowledge that I need to be patient and keep writing and keep trying. It is my dream to be able to be fully occupied working from home through using what skills I have in writing.

Perhaps I need to stand back,  give everything a good shake and then re-look at where I am going and what I want to do.

Cheers for now and have a happy and safe Easter!



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