The good life…

Here is one I prepared earlier.

I am stuck for a topic to write about today as I wasn’t at all inclined to write about Donald Trump and his suitability as a presidential candidate. That is a very scary thought that I don’t want to contemplate. I came across these comments of mine about “the good life” and decided to share them today.

What makes up a good life? Does this mean having a good life or leading a good life or both? The much asked questions! What would my answers be? The following thoughts are for starters:

  • adequate material goods so as not to be deprived
  • friends and family in near proximity
  • some sense of making a difference to the community I live in
  • ability to sleep peacefully at night
  • enough food, water and clothing to feel adequate, relative to the society I live
  • transport to enable access services
  • leisure time and a hospitable environment
  • medical support in times of need
  • laughter and a good sense of humour
  • good physical and mental health
  •  communication with others including considering the big questions in life
  • debate to support an agile mind
  • a connection to the natural world
  • a fascination and wonder of nature and beauty
  • the ability to show others I care for them
  • the ability to encourage others in their times of difficulty
  • ability to inspire others to be courageous in their own lives
  • gratitude for what I have
  • resilience to overcome difficulties
  • humility to accept my limitations – ability to overcome ego
  • music
  • hugs

What are your thoughts? Did I leave some out?




4 thoughts on “The good life…

  1. Beautiful… Now if only we could get all our politicians to agree on this good life for all, we will be on our way to living in an equitable world… Nothing wrong with my day dreaming about it. 😉

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