Plans for today?


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Well, I was up bright and early this morning as I had a hair appointment at 9.00am and following that, I was to do my once weekly, voluntary job at the Citizens Advice Bureau from 10.ooam to 2.00pm. I headed off from home and said I would be back at about 2.30pm. All was well!

It was good to see my hairdresser and outline what I wanted her to do with my hair (changing styles at present). She knew I had the 10.00am commitment and she made sure I was free to leave by 9.50am. I walked across the lawn to my vehicle parked by the curb.

It was at this point that my plans were thrown into disarray! Unbeknown to me there was a hole in the ground of the verge but it was not clearly visible as grass was growing in it. My foot went into the hole and my entire body (head first) moved at speed toward the bitumen road.

I experienced that sense of slow motion of what was happening, knowing I was powerless to stop. I didn’t have the chance to put my arms or knees forward to cushion the blow. My head collided with the bitumen and my new glasses hit the ground and then bounced a metre away from me. I was more upset about my new glasses than my head at this point in time.

I was lying face down on the road and trying to figure out what had happened. I was a bit cross with myself as this wasn’t part of today’s schedule. Next I heard someone coming toward me and looking very concerned about my welfare. I tried to reassure him I was ok. Then my hairdresser was also on the scene expressing her concern and helping me to my feet. 

My kindly hairdresser took me inside and sat me down. It was at this point I realised that my head was bleeding quite a bit. She cleaned the wound up a little and I called for Tom to come and collect me as I was a bit too shaky to drive the car home. I rang and put my apologies in for my voluntary job.

When Tom arrived I suggested we check in at the doctor’s just in case I needed to have any stitches. The nurse very kindly checked my injury and the doctor decided I needed some stitches, four in all.

So, the moral of this story is, when we get up each morning and have grand plans for the day, sometimes things happen beyond our control. Fortunately for me it was only a minor injury and I have had a great excuse to take it easy all day today.

cheers for now



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