Driving in the bush

to the sun

Laverton – wow! I can still remember driving down the bitumen road heading towards Laverton. There was something really exciting about the isolation of the area. It was a big thrill to see the Wedge Tailed Eagles standing in the middle of the road, claiming the road kill and seemingly daring anyone to dispute its right to its dinner. I always wanted to get a good close up photo of the eagles – they are such a big, strong bird full of arrogant personality! There is something that attracts me to them. I love their strength and superior attitude. There was also a degree of the macabre in seeing them making a meal of a dead kangaroo in the middle of the road in full view of anything within range. Mind you, there was very little of anything within range! There was a sign somewhere along that road that pointed to Alice Springs and lots of other places too. It seems to be calling me to an unknown adventure – virgin territory – to me at least! One day I might venture further along that route.

Getting closer to Laverton and I would see the signs to Mt Margaret. I remember hearing of the Morgan family and the mission at Mt Margaret. I wondered what the Aboriginal people thought about that mission today. Did they have fond memories or was there anger and bitterness at what they had lost of themselves because of the Christian Missionaries. Such a complex world when one considers the impact of the missions on the Aboriginal people – did the good outweigh the bad? Or was there just some pain living alongside the benefit of some education in the western way of life? It is the sort of question that I tend to stay away from these days!

Cheers for now