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What ever happened to the hippie movement in the seventies? What happened to all those people who were going to cause a revolution while wearing flowers in their hair. My memories of that era seem like another universe away.

I was reminded of this time when I heard the song San Francisco – “Are you going to San Francisco, with flowers in your hair…” I can’t remember the words to the song but I remember the feelings of wanting to be there among all the “gentle people”. I was about seventeen and I was totally caught up in the mood of the time.

I think we really did expect to overthrow capitalism and greed. I couldn’t understand why my parents and their generation couldn’t see where they were going wrong! And love…I think we believed that we invented it. It was love for everyone and everything . The feeling was there but we were never tested to see if we could put it into action.

I have fond memories of going to folk clubs in Melbourne – smoke-filled rooms with many strange but interesting people.

How is it that eras come and go like that? They seem to arrive all of a sudden and then you look around and they are history. For me that time was directly related to our involvement in the Vietnam War and my brother in the Infantry in Vietnam. I didn’t understand the politics then and I still don’t today.

Seeing the recent spate of uprisings in the Middle East has reminded me of that passion felt in the early 1970’s – the big difference being that these people are putting their lives on the line to fight for what they believe is right. The hippie revolution was just an idea!

Anyway – peace and love to all


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