Let them eat cake!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you feel overwhelmed with the circumstances of your life? I have, at times. When I feel like this I tend to throw out some of my usual rules for living. For example, eating more chocolate cake than what is good for me. When feeling like everything is too difficult, the idea of consuming too many calories seems to become a minor consideration.

What is it that causes us to feel like that? It is that we have let our thinking become negative and start to doubt ourselves? Or is it just a chemical reaction in our brains? Chocolate cake may be my biggest temptation today, however, for some people it may be more serious and involve excessive drinking or drugging.

Some people are more resilient and don’t seem to have these times of feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps they are lucky in the genes they have inherited or maybe the had a very secure and loving family when growing up (nature vs nurture).

I don’t think the world is very congenial to people who don’t cope well. I believe that the strongest, healthiest and most attractive people tend to be more successful in life and love. I have seen research that supports this theory. However I am sure there are many exceptions to this pattern.

What is success anyway? To me, it is to be at peace within myself and the community in which I live. It is to have a clear conscience and the capacity to love, forgive and to have strong relationships. It is capacity to give and to receive with grace. It is also about having enough of the basics we need each day. It is resilience to bounce back after difficult times, and to be wiser for the experience.

So, that’s my thoughts for today 🙂 (back to the chocolate cake now)


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  1. We all do at some point in our lives… some are better at hiding it than others… enjoy the cake.
    Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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