It is what it is.


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I am so pleased to have rediscovered an awareness that I am NOT my thoughts. My thoughts are the white noise that runs through my mind. It doesn’t mean anything! All I need do is observe it.

I also remembered the need to be compassionate to myself. As I observe the negative static that goes through my mind, I realise that I have beaten myself up an awful lot lately. That is because I have tried to second guess what people are thinking about me. The reality is that there is no way I can truly know what people are thinking about me – and what does it matter anyway.

I remember that the God of my understanding is within me and is good and pure and wise. If I listen to that still, small voice I can trust that the decisions I make will be wise ones.

It is lovely to feel that “lightness” once again. I am not tied to the past and I am not burdened by the future.

Everything is, as it is, and that is ok.