Compassion for self vs others in need

I had a dream last night that was SO real. I dreamt that my home was broken into and vandalised to the point that I couldn’t keep living there. I was going to put a claim in for insurance and get it fixed.

Later I came by the house and I could see some men inside in flourescent vests. I was quite stunned and looked closer and moved closer. I discovered there was a lot of people in the house. They told me that these people needed the house and I should morally allow them to stay as I wasn’t using the house anyway.

I was outraged that they had taken over my home and I was powerless to move them out. If I did just that I would be seen as unkind and unsympathetic to these “disadvantaged” people. They kept asking for my approval and the newspaper wanted to interview me on the subject.

I was torn with protecting my own rights and wanting to do what seemed to be the RIGHT thing to do, that is, be compassionate to these people.

In reflecting on the dream I see a tension in my own life of wanting to be kind and compassionate however I also feel it is a time in my life that I stand up for my own rights as well. Do I have the right to put my needs ahead of others? I think that is the burning question and conflict that is within me.

I want to find a place of balance – not just in giving and receiving but in all aspects of my life. The journey is interesting and I hope I am making positive progress!

Peace to all


PS Any other interpretations of my dream are welcome!