How do I choose a friend?

me and my friend

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Today’s topic is “How do you decide who to be friends with?”

I had never looked at friendship as a decision based on certain criteria – something like a job application! I will reflect on some current friends and see what I come up with (not necessarily in any order of priority)

Friend A – We found each other on the internet. In this case I did have a profile and so did he. We were deemed by the computer to be suited to each other (at least in each other’s top ten profiles). Nearly eight years later we are still happy together.

Friend B – I have known for over 50 years and I don’t remember having any list of requirements when I was five years old. It is an eternal friendship even though we don’t see each other very often. Our lives have many parallels and our shared history is a great bond.

Friend C – I met through Rotary about six years ago. We are very different from each other in many ways and the friendship works really well. We have respect for each other and support each other in times of crisis. I very much admire this friend for her strength and determination. We also have fun together – usually around dining out!

Friend D – We used to work together for a while and developed a friendship that started due to a shared horror at the person who was our boss. We came to know each other more after I moved to another job. We have some great discussions about spirituality and anything else that is happening in our lives at the time.

Friends E and F – We used to work together to0. We catch up for each other’s birthdays and for Christmas. We have seen each other’s lives get turned upside down and round about many times over the years. We laugh a lot together and sometimes we cry together too. We also encourage each other to be strong.

Friend G and H – I met these two around the same time, about 16 years ago. They are incredibly interesting people and we have shared challenges and supported each other at difficult times. These two friends and I sometimes (rarely) have our ups and downs with each other but they are both incredibly important to me.

Friends I. There are other friends who I met through my partner. They are lovely people and are different again to the earlier friends I have mentioned. We have mostly enjoyed good times together – karaoke, dining out and having fun. We don’t usually get too deep about life however we still share some of the highs and lows in our lives.

Friend J – I have known her for many years and we catch up now and again, mostly by telephone. We both experienced being sole parents and we each have three sons who have since grown up. We both know how tough it can be at times. We have been through a lot together and she is a constant in my life – she probably doesn’t know that!

Then there is K and L – I have worked with both.  Each of them was my boss at some stage and we have maintained a friendship since then. They have both been mentors to me and my favourite referee names to put forward :-). I greatly respect and admire their intelligence and abilities and their passion in assisting disadvantaged people in the community.

I hope that my family members can see me as a friend too – my daughter-in-law and my future daughter-in-law – I love them both heaps! Then there’s my sons, my sisters, my brother, my lovely new neighbours, my blogging friends…

Aren’t I lucky to have so many friends? There may be a formula in there in how I select my friends but I am unaware of it, if there is.

Cheers for now


PS My blog lightly touches on the subject of many of the wonderful people in my life – if by chance I offend anyone by omission, please forgive me!