Reflections on the past year

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It is just over a year since I gave up full time work to come and live in a lifestyle village in the South West of Western Australia. I kept a bit of a journal over that time and I have just been re-reading it.

I had no set idea what I wanted to do in my semi-retirement and I didn’t realise what a journey it would be!  Who am I now that I cannot be defined by my job? It has been a period of continual change. Writing this blog in 2011 has been a positive contribution to my life. The topics I have touched have mostly been close to my heart in one way or another.

Semi-retirement means finding some way of financing my lifestyle without completely giving myself over to the workforce. This required deep consideration and big decisions really. The biggest question is how long will I live and need to provide for myself financially? I decided to access some of my superannuation NOW to enable me to have more leisure time while Tom and I are able do things together while we are fit and healthy.

I have explored a range of self employment options with varied success; I am starting to get interested in our garden; I have done a little volunteer work in the community; I have looked into a range of training opportunities; and I have sent off one story to a magazine (and got one rejection back).

I have also studied philosophy a bit more and I am exploring my spiritual beliefs once again. So is this what semi-retirement looks like?

I was thinking again today about BEING rather then DOING. I still get fixated on the doing side of things – worried if I have too much time on my hands – afraid of the quietness. Too many options means making decisions of what to do and what to leave undone. Is this why many people have several attempts at retiring? I wonder…

My short term plan is to explore writing some small books for my grandchildren. Maybe this will be a way for me to express some creativity and allow myself to enjoy having more free time.

cheers for now


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