Month: June 2011

My most enjoyable jobs

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I had a short-term placement as a senior consultant for the Professional and Career Development Branch of the Department. My employer was supportive of staff taking on new challenges to increase their skills and knowledge. It was one of those jobs where I felt I had at last found my niche. A range of interesting projects awaited me I hit the ground running, so to speak. It was  a time of significant change within the organisation […]

Perhaps love…

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Is the old saying true…”It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”? I have always held that to be true. A life without the love of another can be very lonely. I have been in love a few times in my life and at times the love was lost. It was painful in the aftermath. In reading “The Consolations of Philosophy” by Alain de Botton, I discovered Arthur […]

Why am I doing this?

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With the end of June fast approaching, I am drawn to consider my commitment (or lack of commitment) to blogging. Some stats: My best day was when I had 63 people view my posts My worst two days were when I had zero views I have written 116 posts in 176 days – that means I missed 40 days of blogging I received 51 comments from fellow bloggers – all of them were much appreciated We […]

Refreshing – photo challenge

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It is mid-winter “down under” having just passed our winter solstice. Our area has been very dry for the last few years and many of the native trees have struggled. On Friday it rained, and rained and rained! It was a wonderful day to be home and snuggled up inside and watching the rain come down outside. The photo was taken of a plant in my garden, the day after the rain.

Today’s reflections

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On my 60 km drive to and from work in Bunbury I have time to reflect on life and the universe. As I was going to Bunbury this morning I was feeling good but also aware of some anxiety. I realised that when I feel good I often worry that something bad will happen to spoil it. I further reflected that it was probably something from my childhood. I thought about it further and decided […]


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Today’s topic is about war – when is it ok? I was going to blog about this subject today any way so it is timely. In the past twelve months I have noticed the images on our televisions are becoming more and more graphic. It is common to see the aftermath of suicide bombers with blood and debris for all to see. We also are exposed to watching live combat on our TV’s – Iraq and […]

Chilled out…

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Some days there are just so many things to think about and to do. Where do I start? I haven’t written a proper blog for several days – how frustrating. I just don’t seem to be in the flow at the moment. What to do? Fortunately I remembered how important it is to sit down and write all the things that are on my mind. Once I wrote down my list I felt a bit […]

Reading between the lines…

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Recently I overheard a conversation about the types of employees the agency was seeking. They summed it up in saying that they (potential employees) must be able to “read between the lines”. I thought that those few words said quite a bit! It is about knowing the ins and outs of the industry and having the discernment to know what clients are trying to express and be able to get them to open up and […]


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Image via Wikipedia Early in the 1990’s I started a Newman (Pilbara Region) group of ITC – International Training in Communication. It was great fun! From memory, there were at last half a dozen of us who met on a regular basis to improve our public speaking skills. I was particularly interested as I had recently been elected as a Shire Councillor for the East Pilbara Shire Council. I was the only woman and there […]

IBS – with discretion

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  IBS – I first heard of this syndrome about twenty years ago. Since then I have read heaps of books on it; I have searched the internet for clues; and I have changed my diet drastically several times. It only took one visit to a dietitian to sort me out though! I can’t believe that  no-one else had told me such a simple fact! People with IBS are most times encouraged to eat a high […]