Bits and bobs in my office

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I was glancing around my office as I was chatting on the phone just now and the topic for this blog came to my mind. So here we go…these ‘things’ are in my office because they are special to me and make this space a good place to be.

There is a photo of me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It was taken at on a pier at Portsea near Melbourne. I was terrified of falling into the water and I look terrified. I am reminded that this little girl still needs my love and care.

There is a photo taken of a shop sign in Ireland of Brian McMahon and Daughters. I was thrilled to see the Daughters included. Even when I was little I wondered why signs always said ‘Mr Jones’ and sons – but never daughters. Can’t girls go into business with their dads?

There is a photo of Uncle Roy blowing out the candles on the cake for his 90th birthday with Auntie watching on. I really enjoyed that day.

There are two special drawings that my grandson did for me. They are very precious. I have Isaac’s photo on my desk too.

I have all my old music cassettes – Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan et al and there is a collection of teaching tapes by Sydney Banks (philosopher) that I haven’t listened to yet. I listen to them when I do my ironing. Oh yes – the ironing board is in the room too!

There is a maroon and gold storage box with all my treasures – it is the one thing that I will grab if I ever have to leave the house due to fire, flood etc. It contains some things my lads made for me at school when they were little; some old letters from my mum; a little dress I wore as a baby; and a faded quilt with the alphabet on it – for my first son.

There is a card from a friend and on the front it reads “Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly”. Very affirming.

There are several shelves of books – autobiographies; philosophy; politics; self-help stuff; some classics and quite a few books on the craft of writing and being self-employed.

There is a collection of photo albums tracing my growing up and then tracing my sons throughout their lives so far. The hard copies stopped a few years ago when digital photos became popular.  I have framed photos too – one of my partner in front of Parliament House in Canberra; one of my three lads taken Christmas before last and one of my Great Auntie Mary who led a very colourful life for a woman in her day. She married three times and was involved in politics most of her life until she died at 103!

Wrapped in silver, on top of the bookcase is a wedding present for my son and his fiance. They get married in September and I am looking forward to it. I won’t divulge what the present is yet 🙂

I have a very cuddly white bunny that Joel gave me for Easter last year. I said I didn’t want chocolate (watching my weight) and so he was very thoughtful and gave me the bunny with small, good quality Easter Egg!

I have a few magnets on my filing cabinet: “If God be for us, who can be against us?”, “Chill Out” and “Sisters are those special friends with whom we spend a lifetime”.

That’s a few of my “bits and bobs”. I like this space 🙂



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