Do people have the right to die by their own hand?

I am really surprised that WordPress has taken on such a controversial topic! My first reaction is to have nothing to do with the subject. It is timely though, as I received a text message yesterday about a suicide. I don’t know him personally but he recently bought the house my Aunt and Uncle had lived in for 60 years. He had only been living there for about six months and tragically took his own life a few days ago.

It got me thinking about my reaction. I have lots of memories of that home and the yard I played in as a child. It is part of my fabric of growing up. Now this has happened. Will I ever think of this place the same again? How is it that such a tragedy can leave a tangible change in the environment? It is so sad. What about the impact it has on his family, neighbours and wider community?

I knew a few people who committed suicide and I feel great sadness they felt there was no other way out. Our thoughts and our feelings can be influenced by so many things such as hormones, chemical imbalance, negative thinking, loneliness and isolation, pain – emotional and physical, alcohol and drugs to name just a few.

I wish I could come out with some wisdom that offered hope to those who feel that way but no words come to mind. Perhaps I would say – just put one foot in front of the other, keep going and just take things moment by moment and hopefully the bad feelings will pass, as they often do. And, tell someone you can trust, how you REALLY feel.


3 thoughts on “Do people have the right to die by their own hand?

  1. A long time ago, I was suicidal to the point of attempting the deed on three occasions (very close together occasions). It was a miracle that I survived the third attempt. Since then I’ve lived with the guilt of how close I came to missing out on all the life that followed–the life of family, joy, love, and understanding. Although, I have yet to mention any of the above in my blog (my blog so far has been a celebration of life), I will spend the last part of the blog talking to a fictional character about my guilt that will never go away; that said, I still believe, under the right conditions, suicide is a viable alternative to immense suffering. Nice post!

  2. I think people able to commit suicide booths, not be taken to an institution to get drugged up or as ignorant people call it “help” I am suicidal daily due to an alcoholic mother who lies to the police constantly and does it so well ive been slammed up against the wall of my own room because.I didnt clean my sisers cats litterbox or my brothers mess from a party, theyre over 18, im 14. Also she makes me stay living here eventhough im suicidal she denies she does anything wrong and that im an evil child. I want to move with my father but she wont let me.

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