IBS – with discretion


IBS – I first heard of this syndrome about twenty years ago. Since then I have read heaps of books on it; I have searched the internet for clues; and I have changed my diet drastically several times.

It only took one visit to a dietitian to sort me out though! I can’t believe that  no-one else had told me such a simple fact! People with IBS are most times encouraged to eat a high fibre diet however that didn’t improve my well-being one bit – in fact, it often made me feel worse.

So, I learnt there is high fibre and then there is high SOLUBLE fibre! That knowledge  improved my health considerably. I now peel fruit and veggies before I eat them. I don’t eat foods that have seeds in them. And I feel a lot better.

Other tips include:

*avoid bubbly drinks – they are not helpful at all.

* reduce stress because that tenses the body and slows the digestion process down.

* drink lots of water

If you are not sure what foods have soluble fibre then do a search on google and it will give you a list. Obviously it is best to avoid fibre that is not soluble such as seedy bread and lots of food promoted as “health” food.

I hope this is helpful to even one person. Such a simple way to better health!




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