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Today’s topic is about war – when is it ok? I was going to blog about this subject today any way so it is timely.

In the past twelve months I have noticed the images on our televisions are becoming more and more graphic. It is common to see the aftermath of suicide bombers with blood and debris for all to see.

We also are exposed to watching live combat on our TV’s – Iraq and Afganistan. Do we really need to know what it is like there – how bad it really is? I have a son in the defence forces and I hope that he is never exposed to such horrible experiences.

I have been a pacifist for as long as I can remember. I think it may be related to the nuns telling us primary school kids about the early christians being fed to the lions. They seemed to enjoy going over the grissly details. One of my biggest fears as a child was of being eaten by a lion!

A child can have ideals and be puzzled as to why people go to war and kill each other. Surely there is a better way to resolve our differences.

I was challenged recently by events in Libya and their calls for help from the United Nations. Of course we want to protect innocent people being hurt and held captive. Does that then make us a party to the battle. If I support the rights of the Libyan people does that mean I support killing their opposition?

These are tough questions. If we fight against Gaddafi then what about the likes of Robert Mugabe? Who decides who is good and who is bad – who shall live and who shall die?

Did we rejoice at the death of Osama Bin Laden? Does that make us a party to war? 

Are we really all that advanced in our civilisation if killing each other is still the prime way of resolving major problems? Surely with the advancements in technology and science we have made some progress toward a better world.

I don’t want it to become NORMAL that we watch killings in the evening news. I don’t want to be pleased to hear when someone is killed – no matter who they are.

Can’t we find a better way?



One thought on “War

  1. Perhaps its not up to us to judge. I believe that life is pre ordained and what will happen will happen. That doesn’t mean that I condone war because I don’t but I believe that there is a higher order pulling the strings, not just humans. I believe in God and that there is a purpose to all that happens and we have to learn from it.

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