Today’s reflections

On my 60 km drive to and from work in Bunbury I have time to reflect on life and the universe.

As I was going to Bunbury this morning I was feeling good but also aware of some anxiety. I realised that when I feel good I often worry that something bad will happen to spoil it. I further reflected that it was probably something from my childhood. I thought about it further and decided that any factors from my childhood were not relevant for today and that I could be relaxed about the day and just be aware of where my thoughts took me.

On the way home this evening I was in a heavy downpour of rain. I was a little concerned as visibility was very poor. I consciously made an effort to focus on the road just in front of me and the borders of the lane I was travelling in. It occurred to me that is what life is like too. If we just keep our eyes on the space in front of us and don’t stray across the borders on either side, then we can deal with whatever confronts us.

Cheers for now