Why am I doing this?

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With the end of June fast approaching, I am drawn to consider my commitment (or lack of commitment) to blogging.

Some stats:

  • My best day was when I had 63 people view my posts
  • My worst two days were when I had zero views
  • I have written 116 posts in 176 days – that means I missed 40 days of blogging
  • I received 51 comments from fellow bloggers – all of them were much appreciated

We are nearly half way through 2011 and I am confronted with WHY am I doing this? To start with I wrote just so that I could write. It didn’t worry me if no-one read it. I took the opportunity to write-up many of my adventures around Australia or just took the opportunity to express some of my thoughts and beliefs.

The next phase was a “getting to know you” other WordPress bloggers out there. There are so many interesting people with some great writing and storytelling skills. It feels like being part of the so-called “global village”. I find it interesting when I consider the differences in our countries and even in our use of the English language – spelling especially. I don’t do “‘Z’s”!

Lately I am distracted with irregular working hours/days and seem to have lost the flow of writing . I need to think about what the next phase of my writing will be.

 One thing I have noticed is that I have not tried to write anything outside of my blog. I had ideas about writing stories and sending them to magazines and even putting together reading books for kids. I have just upgraded my computer and software to enable me to lift my game a bit!

I still love to read other people’s blogs!

cheers for now


4 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

  1. Hi again,
    You’ve asked a good question. I just read this post and thought I’d share some insights … It takes a lot of effort to get a blog up and running and even more to build a readership.
    One thing I know that works is connecting with other bloggers and commenting, regularly, on other blogs. Random commits are not enough. It’s better to connect with even a few bloggers who become regular visitors (they leave you blog comments, you leave them blog comments) and grow from there.
    Blogging can be lonely but it is also reciprocal; the more you reach out to others and support their blogs, the more they reach out to you to do same. If you can commit some time to visiting and building blog relationships and comments with other bloggers it will help a lot.
    If you can, take Problogger.net’s 31 Days To Building a Better Blog course; it offers tons of insights, exercises and tips.
    Best wishes,

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